Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Two Different Types of Murders

The other day I was asked to compare Crime and Punishment's Raskolnikov to the character Patrick Bateman from the film American Psycho. These two men are different type of killers. Who knew there could be different types of killers eh?? Just like there are two kinds of nice I suppose.

American Psycho's Patrick Bateman is a very cold and complicated murderer. He has a superiority complex and is constantly obsessed with himself as if he is superhuman or not of this world. I think he thinks he a God (if he believed in religion, however I am guessing he doesn't because he thinks he is above all else). He is a narcissistic murder and he feels no remorse for any of the people that he kills. Whereas Raskolnikov would feel some sort of guilt or fear of getting caught. Raskolnikov is more of an egotistical murder. He thinks highly of himself and everyone else is inferior. His egoist role in the world is to serve himself no matter what the price is for the others around him. Both characters feel they are above the law and will commit any crimes necessary to make sure that their happiness is fulfilled. It is as if they believe the blistering fire of death in their hands will control the world counteracting anything or anyone who comes too close.

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