Sunday, January 24, 2010

Woody Being Woody

This blog is dedicated to the works of Woody Allen. I will analyze and deconstruct his films through literary research and videos that give people a better understanding of who Allen actually is. In a nutshell, the best word to describe him is funny. Here's a clip: A stand up comedy about a moose:

After all according to his imdb (the internet movie database) he did break into the business at the age 15 selling jokes for the local newspaper. On average he wrote over 2,000 jokes a day. To say the least, Woody Allen is an extremely talented man. He is best known for his acting, directing and writing skills. After all he did write and direct one of my favorite movies of all time: Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which starred an amazing cast.

Let us not forget that controversy also stikes this man, weather it be for lawsuits or even having sexual relations with his wife at the time Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter etc. For example, here is an article USA TODAY posted about how American Apparel slammed Allen’s sex life in 2009.

However, whether it be fact or fiction public figures like Woody Allen will always face criticism from the media.This blog will not focus on the negative factors of Woody’s personal life, but him as an successful artist in the movie industry.