Thursday, March 11, 2010

Relating Woody Allen to Crime and Punishment

At first I think it was hard for me to find a comparison between the main character in Crime and Punishment, Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, with Woody Allen. For one Woody is no cold blooded killer. In fact, I don’t picture him even hurting a fly. Dostoevsky presents a modern day man who has beliefs that rely on science rather than religon. He responds to ideologies of a utopian society. However, Raskolnikov and Woody are both a bit strange so that works in their favor when trying to find similar comparisons. They both have a tendancy when they speak to get lost rambling in and out of their own inner monologue. They are also both socially awkward. Mind you I am not calling Woody Allen himself socially awkard (even though that may be the case) just that the roles that he usually plays are. An inside source from a local news station told me he doesn’t like to speak to the media in big profile states like California and New York, but instead will talk to smaller markets because he doesn’t like to see his interviews on television. Anyways back to the point and be it short and sweet both people have a lack of faith in the fellow man and puts oneself before the other.

on a side note: Woody Allen does have a simialrity to the title of the novel. He has comitted a crime that should be punishable... however and I think we all know what I am referring 2... his EX...STEP DAUGHTER!! I yie yie.

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