Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Do We Adore?

These are only a few comments left on the youtube site in relation to this video. There is a purpose of this I promise...

jerryhello100 He's so funny all around: his jokes, his face, his voice, just everything about him is funny. I love Woody Allen.

18allmychilds its a joke stupid woody allen is actually a well-known philantropist 12


BethanyCharlene I ADORE him, I swear I am him, in female form. I watch his movies all the time, now my bf is even a fan lol
aznbeggerap anyone know where i could find the montage that he introduced?

MoFoPower Simply genius, makes you feel stupid really so smart he is!

JustFapped Great man. A real living legend.

Put his private life aside and appreciate his original work and pure talent

6pearlpitt well i hope he wins one more Oscar in the coming years..absolutely awesome personality n annie hall is a true gem - one of a kind.

5Sargassx I <3 Woody 6

773SleepyHollow This is the best thing Woody has done this century.

2thatgrrlvp "thank you very much-that makes up for the strip search...."

4 TrevorKingKwong so damn clever and funny, that woody. very natural, too. 7 3 months ago

When I first saw this youtube video on Woody taking home the oscar I was stunned by all of the people in the audience. Look at how they each give him a standing ovation, claps, and big smiles... all in one big room with a stage. It is so interesting to me how much we tend to idolize people without even realizing that we do so. To think that ONE MAN could stir up this much emotion in people. Which makes me pose the question... What is it that an individual has to capture adoring fans? What is a fan? Is it a person who is obsessed with the works of another? Why are they obsessed with these works? It is just so interesting to me how we look up to individuals so much that we put them in a different category. For example: When a crazed fan sees the person they are "fanning" why do they cry? What is so amazing about the person? Is it really their work or is it the pure fascination one has with someone different... someone society puts on a pedestal?

But it's not even people we just admire or put on a pedestal:
Even inanimate are deemed special and unique.

People come from all over to see the Statue of Liberty, but why? Yes, it has a history is that why we admire it... or do some people just want to go because we have been told this monument is what makes America beautiful... I am not sure, but what ever it is I still want to see it. HA!

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